About us

Hello and welcome to Bubblemine Pools,

I just had a thought pop into my head….If only we started mining 10 years ago when Bitcoin was baby I’m pretty sure many of us have thought this many times lol anyway back to how Bubblemine came about we started our journey in early 2018 mining Bitcoin using S9 Bitmain Antminers which are specialised Asic mining machines for those who don’t know, we then decided to build a fair size GPU rig to mine Monero which we successfully done but after a little while mining i had the urge to try my luck at mining solo so instead of mining solo through another solo pool i decided to build my first pool so i could be completely independent from anyone else for me this was a chance to solo mine various cryptocurrencies without mining on other pools once we (me and a friend) mined from our first pool we decided to mine another coins which of course me being me decided to build another pool and this path repeated itself until we had a few pools built, obviously to mine successfully on all the mining pools this would mean buying a lot more mining equipment which wasn’t an option this is when we decided to make the pools public and let the crypto world know about Bubblemine pools,

We have very low to no mining pool fees on our pools.
If you have any questions about our pools please check out our FAQ page if this doesn’t answer your questions please email us on support@bubblemine.com or if you have any mining questions please visit our getting started page or again if you don’t find the answers there please email us,
We hope you enjoy your mining experience with us.